5 Things Social Media Can Teach You About Remodeling

It used to be that you would flip through tons of pages in a magazine to find remodeling ideas. Fast forward to the 21st century and all that’s accessible via the internet. Fast forward to now and everything’s available via an app – the possibilities are endless. You can look up paint color, floor tile, granite and more to get a visual of how it will transform your kitchen, bathroom or living room. So, exactly which remodeling apps should you be on the lookout for? We cover the top five social media apps for remodeling and how they can help you plan and design your project. Read more

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Cutting Remodeling Costs

When the average homeowner starts planning a home remodeling project, it’s inevitable that cost saving measures will be introduced to try and keep the cost down. While there are ways that homeowners can save money when they remodel their homes, it is important to remember that certain types of materials and services should not be part of any cost-cutting measures. Here are a few: Read more

How To Create A Dream Kitchen Remodel with Gold!

As the adage goes, what’s old becomes new again. This is especially true with home design. After many years of chrome, stainless, and brushed nickel reigning supreme, gold and brass are making a comeback…and in a huge way. While stainless, chrome and brushed nickel continue to be popular, homeowners are now incorporating brass and gold-tone accents into their kitchen remodel.

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What do Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Projects Cost?

Reality TV shows are a great source of inspiration. They leave you with tons of ideas for materials, products and appliances. However, they don’t shed a realistic light on what a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project will cost. It’s okay to enter the remodeling process with just a concept of the type of bathroom remodel or kitchen makeover you’d like.

Remodeling Projects: Sticker Shock & Timelines

When homeowners come to us they have a concept in mind. They’ve researched ideas from popular sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Yet, when it comes to an investment for their project, most just come up with a number they’d like to stay under. It’s important to base your remodeling project investment on a realistic, set-aside number. For example, homes in

Eyesore Kitchens – Problems, Solutions and Transformations.

Over the years, we’ve transformed many homes. We’ve heard it all, but one thing remains consistent. The number one complaint by homeowners wanting a home remodel is that their space has become an eyesore. It is followed by the need for a more efficient layout that compliments the family routine. Perhaps you’re in this situation yourself, or you have been

3 To-Do’s Before Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one of the first things that catch our eye. They have the ability to transform a room by way of functionality and aesthetics. With so many varieties, cabinet lines and door styles it can be hard to know where to start and how much  your new kitchen cabinets will cost. This is why many homeowners benefit from

How to Pull Off the Boho Glam Look

Are you drawn toward the relaxed and retro vibes of bohemian style? Are you also attracted to the clean and “airy” appearance of contemporary materials, and torn between the two? We have you covered! Here’s how to combine two design worlds in one very happy union.

Kitchen Design Trends With Staying Power

Design trends are always shifting gears, as the market changes. This can be expected, as new ideas and materials are formed. However, some trends seem to stay around, no matter what else is going on. Here are 5 kitchen design trends with staying power, along with some of the reasons why they’re great options.