A Contemporary Bathroom Remodel in Flower Mound, Texas

Contemporary bathroom remodeling lets you incorporate the latest high-tech bathroom products into the design without sacrificing style for function. From faucets and fixtures to patterns, palettes and products, here are the latest trending modern bathroom remodel ideas.

We recently completed a contemporary bathroom remodel in Flower Mound, Texas with tons of cool features. We used a design strategy that made the room feel more expansive and welcoming. We did so by using textured tile in a horizontal pattern throughout the space.

Glass mosaic tiles for shower surrounds have been strong trend in contemporary bathroom remodeling for some time. We added sleeker and slimmer rectangular glass tiles as decorative bands around the shower, tub and vanity areas.

White fusion quartz are used for the countertops and tub deck. Since abundant light is an essential design component of a modern bathroom remodel, we included ample natural and artificial light, materials to provide a reflective surface and give a sparkling ambiance.

To finish the contemporary bathroom look, we added Elk crystal lighting fixtures with the 3D glass mirrors (purchased from Pier 1).

If you’re looking for contemporary bathroom design ideas, other popular features include:

  • Wall-mounted toilets. The humble commode takes on new style when mounted on the wall.
  • Wall-mounted sink faucets. Moving faucets to the wall helps keep countertop clutter at bay and adds sleek style to a hard-working vanity.
  • Ceiling showerhead fixtures. From showerheads that make you feel as if you’re standing under a waterfall to those that give the sensation of garden rain shower, water flowing from above is the latest trend in modern luxury showers.
  • A free-standing bathtub. It invites long, relaxing soaks and also offers opportunities to add a strong sculptural element to a modern bathroom remodel.

If you’re ready to discover additional possibilities, check out additional info in elements of a contemporary bathroom remodel

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