With Our Design/Build Services, We’ll Help You Design Every Aspect of Your Remodeling Project And:

-Stay Within Your Budget

-Have A Completely Satisfying Remodeling Experience

-Get EXACTLY What You Want…Even If You Change Your Mind During the Job

What Is Design/Build?

When doing a remodel, homeowners traditionally hired an Architect or Engineer to design their projects. The homeowner would then put the project out to bid to several Contractors. But while the Architect or Engineer could usually create a well-designed project, they often didn’t take the homeowner’s budget into account. This usually led to a design that would have cost more than the homeowner wanted to spend.

To make the pricing situation even more difficult, Contractors tended to bid the lowest possible scope of work and materials in order to get the job. Often, the Contractor and Designer or Architect would disagree on specifics of the project, leaving the owner to settle the dispute.

There were so many issues with this method of remodeling that it was necessary to create an entirely new process that gave the homeowner a well-designed, cost-effective project. That’s when professional contractors started to discover that if they took on the responsibility of the design, the scope of development, and the construction, that greater customer satisfaction could be achieved. This concept was born in the commercial industry (and implemented in the residential community) and has become known as DESIGN/BUILD.

The DESIGN/BUILD Contractor has single source accountability for all phases of the project. By hiring a professional Contractor who has made a commitment to designing and building a project, the customer only has to be concerned with one company. The DESIGN/BUILD Contractor knows that they must be accurate from concept to final completion and must know how to plan projects with the homeowner’s tastes and budget in mind. Below is a break down of our process, as a Design/Build expert in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex:

  • Design

    Based on specific measurements, selections, and pricing. We measure the space, decide on a layout for the design, design the new space (including cabinets and appliances for kitchens; cabinets, tub, shower for bathrooms), and choose the products in order to provide a fixed price.

  • Product Selection

    Based on selection of products for your remodel. We will guide you through the process of selecting products at Dallas/Fort Worth showrooms and bring items to your home so you can see how the colors and materials look and feel in your environment.

  • Scope of Work and Specifications

    Based on coordination of skilled trades for each task. We review your project with each of the specialty trade partners for their pricing requirements. We then plan out the cost for the project to deliver a firm, accurate price.

  • Budget

    The project is designed around your intended budget. It’s important to price the project based on a realistic set-aside budget range so you get exactly what you want. Visit costvsvalue.com for more information on realistic budgets for popular remodels in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

You’ll Be Head-Over-Heels in Love with Our Design/Build Services.

Meet the Design Team:

Kathi Fleck

Kathi Fleck

Lead Designer

"I’m Kathi Fleck , and I’m certified in Universal Design, a design process that perfectly blends beauty, comfort, and functionality into your remodeling project.

I guide you—every step of the way—through the Design/Build process. I take the time to listen to your needs and desires, and then provide specific recommendations on materials and products. I help you coordinate paint colors and tile choices, cabinets and appliances, plumbing and lighting—absolutely EVERYTHING."

Megan Doughney

Megan Doughney

Assistant Designer

"I’m Megan Doughney, my degree in Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies gives me an eye for flare. Motivated, enthusiastic, highly artistic individual with a progressive mind and a passion for seeing things not as they are, but as they could be. My eight years in management, set design, and customer service have provided me with the interpersonal communication skills, time management, and scope development skills I bring to each project."

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