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Planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Many homeowners across the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex come to us with a ballpark figure of what they want to spend (and don’t want to go over), yet don’t know what that number breaks down to. When planning your remodel, it’s important to price the project based on a realistic set-aside budget range so you get exactly what you want, while taking your home’s value into consideration. A reputable third party industry leader, Hanley Wood comes out with the Cost vs.Value report each year. We encourage homeowners in the Dallas – Ft.Worth area to reference the report below, which includes city data for 30 projects as well as:

City Job Costs
City Resale Value
City Cost Recouped
City/Region Comparison
City/National Comparison

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When it comes to house hunting, it can easily become overwhelming. Is the market right? Can you afford the place you want? Where do you even start? Likewise when it comes to remodeling. Watch Co-Owner and Designer of Lonestar Design Build, Kathi Fleck ride along with CW33 as she clears up some of the muck centered around the housing market in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – and what it means for sellers, buyers, and those looking to embark on a home remodel.

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Why Is DESIGN/BUILD Important? What Is The Process?

Many homeowners ask for a bid or an estimate for their project. However, an estimate is actually more of an approximate figure. Homeowners interested in more than small home repairs benefit from a fixed price. A Design/Build project includes the design, scope development, and build of your remodel with your budget in mind, this allows the homeowner to receive a fixed price for the project. The DayDreams to Details Design Process is chock-full of insider tidbits and explains all four elements as well as the benefits of Design/Build.

Thinking About a Remodeling Project for Your Home? Don’t Know Who to Hire?

When done properly, a remodeling project can make your home more enjoyable and prove to be a valuable investment. Let’s face it, the remodeling process is often overwhelming with many options and uncertainties. Unfortunately, many people believe that home remodels have to be stressful. And with all the stories out there of unscrupulous contractors and shoddy workmanship, it’s easy to understand why. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This No Regrets Guide to Hiring the Right Contractor offers a game-changing framework for anyone looking to embark on a home remodeling project without all the headaches and stress.

Is There a Checklist for That? Sure is!

Imagine the possibility of starting your project at ease. Well, you can. Remodeling doesn’t have to be a frustrating, costly, and altogether headache-filled process. Our 6 Steps to Begin Your Project checklist aims to help you feel more comfortable with the process.