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About the Book

Co-founder of LoneStar Design Build, Kathi Fleck, has a small bit of bubble-bursting news for would-be home renovators: Getting the remodel of your dreams isn’t going to be as simple, straightforward, or neatly-tied-up-in-twenty-three-minutes as your favorite reality shows have led you to believe.

But, renovating also doesn’t have to be a frustrating, costly, and altogether headache-filled process. In fact, Kathi can give you the tools, tips, and tricks of the trade that will help you navigate the home renovation minefield like a pro – and, as fast as you can say Love It or List It, help you take your home improvement project from “how?” to “wow!”

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Chapter Samples

PART 1: Putting the process together

In Part 1 of Renovate, Remodel…Relax!, you’ll discover how to budget for your remodel, hire the perfect contractor, and unleash your inner-design genius.

PART 2: The Process — Step-by-step

Part 2 of Renovate, Remodel…Relax! is all about getting ready for your remodel. You’ll find out how to hire the perfect interior designer for  your project, work with your contractor to outline your project, and ensure your project remains on time and on budget.

PART 3: Living in the midst of the Remodel

Part 3 of Renovate, Remodel…Relax! shows you how to handle the construction process of your remodel. You’ll discover the best ways to ensure minimal stress during your project, how to deal with “surprises” that can happen during construction, and much more.

PART 4: Designing with you in mind

Part 4 of Renovate, Remodel…Relax! brings your remodeling project to the finish line. It will show you the latest trends in home remodeling, how to “freshen up” your remodel as time passes, the best way to maintain your remodel for maximum life, and much more.

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We live in the age of HGTV, where in one hour a demolition and complete renovation can happen. Where they conveniently skip over most of the processes involved and BOOM! Flawless remodel. (not to mention giving architects and designers around the world headaches on the reg when the neighbor with cable suddenly feels inspired for some home DIY, without understanding what it takes to execute said project, which turns into an oh no! fix my disaster! project)

As an interior designer/soon to be architect, I am SO SO SO !!!!! (yes, multiple exclamation points!) thrilled to have discovered this book and I am beyond impressed with the authors ability to, not only walk through the whole renovation process in a non-wordy efficient way, but also provide useful forms, graphs, and knowledge about issues many other books in the field overlook.. (how to budget, hiring a contractor. and even how to prepare for the remodel and tips on dealing with the emotional stress that comes with living in a construction zone)

If you are a homeowner thinking about finally making your house your home, do it! but read this book first so you’re properly prepared.

Jess , Goodreads Review