We offer 100% Fixed Price Quotations for People Who Hate Surprises

Couple meeting architect for house constructionTake advantage of our free consultation so you can know exactly
what your remodel project will entail. Be confident about:

  • What You’re Getting
  • The Timeline Stages of Your Project
  • How Everything Fits into Your Budget

We review your Proposal with pricing in person, answer your questions, and make
revisions as needed in order to give you a 100% fixed price quotation.

Why Fixed Price Quotations are Better than Estimates 

Some homeowners find that they get a better “feel” for their project by meeting with multiple contractors. However, they usually come away more confused and overwhelmed because no two contractors will approach a project with the same materials and pricing. The practice that seems to work best is to find a good “fit” with a professional contractor that meets your criteria.

When choosing a DESIGN/BUILD firm, you want someone who understands you and relates well with you. A good designer will design with your lifestyle and dreams in mind, and she will listen to your concerns and requests. She will ask a number of questions and bring ideas to help you discover exactly what you want, while striking a perfect balance between the project’s aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

When you consider working with a designer, present your main requirements and their order of importance. The key is to let the designer know what is most important to you, whether it’s appearance, practicality, or getting your home ready for resale.

While we’d love to give you a quick estimate when you call us, it’s just not possible to give you an accurate number over the phone. Companies that choose to give you a quote over the phone are doing you a huge disservice, because there are just too many factors to consider. Depending on your needs and size of your home, the cost of a project can vary greatly.

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