Surviving A Remodel: A Clients Perspective on Design/Build

Every remodeling professional handles a project differently. There will be different processes and procedures as well as communication methods. Will so many variations, it’s hard for homeowners to know exactly what to expect when researching how to hire a Contractor. Though most feature their process on their website and brochures, no two projects are the same – it doesn’t matter if the professional has completed dozens or hundreds of similar projects in the past. Each homeowner’s visions will be different.

To find out what most homeowners are looking for in a professional, we asked a few of our clients to share with us their expectations going into a project, what their Design/Build remodeling experience was like, and any tips they have for homeowners considering a renovation.

Below are the answers we received from some homeowners in Colleyville, Southlake and Grapevine, Texas who recently remodeled their kitchen or bathroom with LoneStar Design Build.

Q: What was the main reason you wanted to remodel?

Our house is from the 1970’s and had not been renovated since it was built.  The house had a horrible floor plan with a small galley kitchen, unworkable counter space and non-functional cabinetry (they could not house all our appliances, dish and cookware).

We knew we wanted to take down walls and make an open concept kitchen floor plan, for which we’d need a Design/Build firm. We chose LoneStar Design Build because of their approach – they’re a husband and wife owned business with a client-first oriented team. Which is why we felt they could relate to both of our individual needs. Kathi helped me design the kitchen – each step of the way. Don and the rest of the production team kept us updated with each project development.

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After weathering a kitchen remodeling project, we feel the most important thing you need to look for in a Design/Build firm is a connection. You’ll be working with the company over the course of your home remodeling project and having a team that puts your visions first is important. We found that in LoneStar Design Build.

Jane Marshall – Project type: Kitchen remodel in Grapevine, Texas

Q: What was the Design/Build process like?

We had put off our project for over a year because we weren’t sure how to start it. We were nervous to get ourselves into a situation we knew little about. Luckily, the LoneStar team explained everything to us each step of the way – starting from the first call. They scheduled meetings with us during the design and construction phases and kept in communication with next steps in-between meetings. We never felt lost or confused about what was to come.

We didn’t want to be put out of our home due to construction. So, when they provided us with a list of everything we needed to create a make-shift kitchen while ours was under construction, it made us feel more at ease. They also used a heppa-vac to filter airborne dust and cleaned the jobsite at the end of each day. After construction, they did a walk-through to ensure we were satisfied with everything and helped us file appliance warranty information.

For those who are about to start a kitchen or bathroom remodel using a Design/Build firm; ask the company about their process at the very beginning — what’s covered and what’s not. Everyone works differently. For us, communication, customer service and guidance were important. We found a company that covered all three and went beyond our expectations in LoneStar.

– Lisa and Andrew Elbergen – Project type: Kitchen remodel in Colleyville, Texas

Q: If there was something you could share with others getting ready to remodel, what would you share with them?

I would say that planning is important! Our bathroom remodel turned out the way it did because it had a good design and plan. Really take some time to think things out and move spaces around, giving thought to how everything is going to work. We had a general idea of what we wanted, but absolutely no idea on how to make it happen. Finding a Design/Build company for a bathroom remodel didn’t know how to start was how we started the process.

After interviewing several, LoneStar stood out. They put our design preferences first instead of saying “this is how we do things” or “that’s not a good idea because…”. They combined our ideas with their expertise and came up with a bathroom layout that is more usable, has a better work flow and fits our style preferences.

Also, find a company that you can trust. We had heard horror stories from others and we wanted to ensure we had a solid, reputable company.

– Terry Fong – Project type: Bathroom remodel in Colleyville, Texas

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