Remodeling with Houzz

5 Things Social Media Can Teach You About Remodeling

It used to be that you would flip through tons of pages in a magazine to find remodeling ideas. Fast forward to the 21st century and all that’s accessible via the internet. Fast forward to now and everything’s available via an app – the possibilities are endless. You can look up paint color, floor tile, granite and more to get a visual of how it will transform your kitchen, bathroom or living room. So, exactly which remodeling apps should you be on the lookout for? We cover the top five social media apps for remodeling and how they can help you plan and design your project.

One of the most popular websites to gather inspiration from is Houzz. You can browse remodeling professionals as well as different project types – everything from kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, interior updates and exterior updates. You can create remodeling idea books and save images of ideas, products and materials.

Instagram – Instagram has grown in popularity in the past few years, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners are flocking to it to find local remodeling companies to help them transform their space. It’s as easy as looking up a hashtag or typing in your project type in the search bar.

Pinterest – Okay, this one comes as no surprise. It’s been a go-to since it first was released in 2010. With users from all over the world, you can browse through a wide variety of kitchen styles, bathroom designs, interior design, paint colors and more. We’ve had many clients share examples of they’ve pulled from Pinterest so that we can coordinate the different products and materials.

Dal-Tile – a major distributor of tile for walls and floors, provides a gallery of rooms & products in ways that you can organize your favorite items. It gives locations and shopping hours for your convenience.

Flor– this iPad app offers many design tools, helping the homeowner create rug patterns of any size for any room. There are videos, design boards and a place to save the designs in “My Favorites”.

Lutron Electronics – this iPad app will show the homeowner what kind of light is needed for specific areas of the home, such as for reading, or in kitchens and bathrooms. It will direct you on how much shade and temperature control are specified for your home.

Sherwin Williams– choosing a paint color seems to be one of the most difficult areas for people to see, as the little paint chip just does not transfer well to an entire room. Some of the help you will find with the Color Snap app is as simple as brushing the color over the wall with your finger. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that simple!! You can choose the color from a photo or find one of their many colors and coordinate the palette for your room or the entire home.

Kohler – this iPad app allows the consumer to see and interact with products, as well as design the areas of their home while browsing through the many galleries. You can do a 360-degree virtual tour and research information all on this app.

Home Design 3D and iBlueprint– For some, planning the entire room or space is even more exciting. Now, you can purchase apps with drag and drop features, such as doors, windows, floors and add in the furniture. What could be more fun for the analytical homeowner who likes to have every little detail planned.


For all of your home improvement needs, these handy remodeling apps can help you get the job done. These are my top picks that will help the novice and the expert. Enjoy!