It’s Not Too Late for a Kitchen Makeover This Holiday Season

Whether your guests are checking into your home for an extended stay or just for the day, this kitchen makeover holiday checklist will help make your home as inviting and comfortable as possible.

Kitchen Makeover Checklist:

Declutter Countertops

The kitchen has become an essential room for entertaining with the popularity and ease of serving food buffet style. To provide more space, try tucking appliances under countertops or consider investing in a kitchen island.

Tune up cabinets

A couple hours is all it takes to update cabinet pulls and hinges. On the same note, a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets will leave your guests with the lasting impression your craving from your kitchen makeover. To save you time, hire a professional who can complete these items.

aging in place cabinetry

Update Focal Points 

A standard stainless steel sink can be traded in for a sleek apron sink to coordinate with your new kitchen makeover.

Installing a new backsplash can add a timeless look and feel to your kitchen makeover.

Updating plumbing fixtures can give your kitchen makeover the updated look you’re going for this holiday season while working perfectly with your lifestyle.

Check the condition of appliances. Replacing the appliances can make a huge difference when you’re preparing meals for large groups.

Other holiday prep to consider:

* Changing smoke detectors/CO detector batteries.

* Double-checking your first aid kit. At the least you should have burn cream, ice packs and bandages to deal with kitchen-related cuts.

* Keeping a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

*Establishing a place to collect all warm weather apparel, including boots. Add extra hangers to your coat closet or designate a room to collect these. If you plan for this ahead of time your entrance and newly organized kitchen makeover countertops won’t become a cluttered mess.

Happy Holidays from the LoneStar team!