LoneStar DesignerKathi is your first point of contact through a consultation in your home, where she will get to know you and more about your vison. She brings both the creative and the analytical approach to your remodel, assuring that your vision and project will be created especially for you. Kathi graduated with an undergrad in home design and an MBA in management. Her 15+ years of remodeling expertise and wisdom assure our clients that she understands their concerns, finding a viable solution that best fits their needs. She holds several certifications: CKBR- Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler and UDCP- Universal Design Certified Professional. Kathi finds educating the homeowner so important that she wrote a book:  Renovate, Remodel, Relax!, This no-frills “how to” guide walks you through the process of remodeling, from questions to ask contractors, what to look for in a contract, design trends and how to avoid the pitfalls of remodeling.



Don has the first set of technical eyes on your project, reviewing structural and mechanical issues.  He brings over 20 years of experience that assist in deciphering the elements of your project from start to finish. He enjoys a hands-on approach, working in the field with our employees and trade partners. Don completed an MBA in management and proudly served in the United States Navy, providing you with disciplined and structured work ethics.  He is honest and reliable, always maintaining a straight-forward approach with our clients. Although our clients easily relate to Don’s down to earth style, it’s the pets who truly long to see him. He’s a dog whisperer of sorts. Don’t be surprised if your beloved pup finds a new best friend in Don!




From the first meeting at your home through the entire design and planning process, Megan will intuitively pick up on your style, guiding your through the often-overwhelming process of remodeling. She graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Art & Design studies and completed further education from the New York Interior Design Institute. She brings 10+ years of designing for clients, insight, and problem-solving for a wide variety of projects. Megan enhances the traditional design process with state of the art 3-D renderings, allowing you to envision your space before it is built. Our clients often express that she is a wonderful confidant as she works at your pace, guiding you through the selections process while meeting at the showrooms. Megan will assure that your choices not only fit the desired style of your project but appear that your new space was always meant to be a part of your home.




Susan is your main point of contact throughout construction.  She meticulously follows the pre-planning process, coordinating schedules and direction of workflow. Susan brings 20 years’ experience to the Company, managing home renovation projects, specializing in kitchens and bathrooms. She is your advocate, managing the day to day operations of your remodel, so you don’t have to. With the gift of organization, you’ll often find Susan at the jobsite, meeting with our vetted trade partners, checking on the progress and quality of workmanship. Our clients are impressed with Susan’s pro-active and open communication, as they feel informed throughout their remodel, leaving them with a sense of ease and security. Susan assures that Company standards and expectations are met, making sure the remodel turns out your way.




Audrey is the heart and soul of our office.  When you call LoneStar Design Build, Audrey will gather the details about your project and help direct you to the next step. She’s friendly and helpful, assuring an exceptional experience for you. She is the task manager behind the scenes, making sure all the fine details fall into place.  She is efficient and dependable as our Office Guru, solving problems behind the scene so our front-line team can keep our clients happy.






Thomas is the go-to guy for quality work and attention to detail.  He creatively solves problems and finds solutions through thoughtful consideration and brain-storming. Thomas studied Construction in college and brings over 25 years of experience to the team. He is respectful and courteous to clients and their home. At the end of the work day, you will find the workspace clear of trash, tools picked up, your home secured and ready for you to come home to it. While quiet by nature, you may find Thomas humming softly to himself as he genuinely enjoys making a difference and working in our clients’ homes.





Tom brings a long history of client satisfaction to LoneStar, with a wide variety of skills and tools for every opportunity. From tearing out an old bathroom or kitchen to installing cabinets and hardware, hooking up appliances and hanging fixtures, you’ll find Tom friendly and easy-going, striving for your complete satisfaction. Tom is an Army Veteran, bringing discipline and attention to detail to every project. His former career as GM in airlines operations centered on serving the public, meeting deadlines and following standard operating procedures. Tom continues these same standards as he works for LoneStar. You’ll find Tom on time (or early) to your project, always prepared for the job and ready to accommodate your needs.




Rick is reliable and meticulous, following LoneStar’s procedures. He is ready to pitch in where needed, picking up debris from our tear-outs, supporting our field technicians with a helping hand or painting some area that needs a special touch. Rick works part-time for LoneStar and you may see him at different phases of your project. He is a great support to our team, filling in on any part of the project with his many skills as a Handyman.