The LoneStar Remodel Process – Find Out Why it Works for Hundreds of Homeowners:

LoneStar Design Build is a boutique remodeling company, catering to homeowners who want hand-holding and help solving their remodel problems and concerns. In addition to designing and completing a thorough pre-build process before we start your remodel, our team manages the projects for our clients. We guide you from the design of your project to its build and every small detail that follows post-construction while striving to meet your needs and requirements along the way.

We typically work with homeowners who:

  • … have problems visualizing what the project will look like before it’s completed.
  • … worry about getting the results they envisioned with the quality of work their home deserves.
  • … stress over what the actual project will cost before it’s completed and worry about cost overruns.
  • … dread running all over town pulling the details together by themselves.
  • … are concerned about the inconveniences during a remodel and being asked to manage their own job.
  • … want a fixed price for their project before the construction begins.
  • … want the assurance that their project will flow well with their home and fits with the rest of the neighborhood.

So, with all that said, here’s a peek at our process and how we work:

Phone Consultation:

The first step is a phone call which takes approximately 15-20 minutes. During the call, we will ask each other questions to learn if what we do is a good fit with your expectations from a Company. During the discussion, we can decide if there no interest in moving forward. Or we may decide there is a mutual interest in scheduling an in-home consultation with our Lead Designer and the decision-makers for your project.


We ask that all decision makers attend this initial 1-1.5 hour session so we can go over any questions or concerns anyone may have. We’ll look at your project, review your dreams and discuss your intended investment amount, aligning our experience with costs for similar projects. We may decide during this meeting that LoneStar is not the best fit and you should work with another company. On the other hand, we may feel comfortable working together and you would like LoneStar to start your Design/Pre-Build process.

During the consultation, we usually discover that homeowners want to remodel because any of the following could concern them:

  • They feel cramped in their home. Maybe the shower is too small or there’s not enough storage in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • They feel isolated from the rest of the family and may want to open the kitchen to the living space.
  • They feel embarrassed to invite friends and family over as their home is outdated.
  • When they bought their home, they planned to remodel, but it’s been put off due to “life”.
  • They need more privacy and space for themselves.
  • There may be a safety concern, such as mold in the shower.

Design Pre-Build Agreement:

The Design Pre-Build Agreement starts the process of us working together. Our goal is to bring your vision to reality with our 3-phase approach to remodeling.

  • Phase I starts with the conceptual design in the Discovery Meeting, described below.
  • Phase II is our commitment to construction by developing elevations with specific detail, a precise scope of work and chosen selections.
  • Phase III brings your vision to reality through the Construction.

Discovery Meeting:

During our Design/Pre-Build process, we’ll guide you through a brainstorming session called the Discovery Meeting. We’ll ask questions and listen to your ideas and concerns about each component of your remodel, gaining an understanding of your dreams and ideas. Areas for discussion include:

  • What you like and don’t like about the room.
  • What really bothers you and must be changed.
  • What areas of improvement are needed.
  • What you’ve been dreaming about or wanting to explore.
  • Any changes in layout for the space, including: an addition, removing/ adding walls, cabinet configuration.
  • Specific discussion on selections, such as: cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures.

At the end of the meeting, our Designers will take pictures and measurements of the area. Once the meeting is over, we’ll return to our office to compile your concepts and prepare a layout and 2D design for your project. Read more about our design services here.

Selections Process:

Our in-house Designer helps direct the next meetings and showroom visits over a period of several weeks. We find that the initial meeting at a showroom offers many choices and it takes some time to become acclimated to all the options. Usually, a 1.5-2 hour meeting at a showroom is the perfect start. During our subsequent meetings, we’ll present ideas and bring items to your home, so you can see how colors and materials look and feel in your environment. By the end of this process, our services will have helped you discover TRULY what you want your remodeling project to look like.

Project Development:

Our Designer will meet at your home with the necessary Specialty Trades for your project, including structural review, painters, flooring, electrical and plumbing specialists. Their expert advice and exact measurements eliminate surprises once your project starts. During the project development phase, we write a detailed scope, adding your chosen selections and price according to very specific plans.

Proposal Meeting:

By investing our time in choosing selections, meetings with Specialty Trades and formulating a plan prior to the start of construction, we can provide a fixed price quotation.  Your Designer will schedule a meeting with all decision-makers at your home. We will review the proposal and pricing, which includes your chosen selections, any layout changes and detailed scope of work. As we review your proposal, you will find a price for the entire project with construction documents, which are included in the construction agreement, along with a payment schedule. Upon your approval, we will schedule the work once construction retainer is provided.

Pre-Construction Meeting:

Just before the construction begins, we’ll hold a Pre-Construction Meeting at your home with our Project Coordinator. This meeting usually takes 1-1.5 hours.  We will thoroughly review the scope of work again and go over all logistics, so we can review the construction and timeline process and be made aware of any special requirements you may have during the construction. We plan accordingly to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.


As we bring your vision into reality through the construction process, we perform the work according to the design, scope of work, selections, and agreement. We keep you informed throughout the week and during weekly Progress meetings. Our Project Coordinator oversees the schedule, keeps you informed of next steps and is your point of contact during the construction phase of your remodeling project. Our goal is to make your remodeling project smooth, easy, and stress-free.

Post Construction:

At the end of your remodel, we perform a final walkthrough to make sure every item on our project punch list is completed. We’ll instruct you on completing the manufacturer warranty for items such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, lighting.

The final celebration meeting includes a review of our process, pictures and input from you. We will ask your input on how everything went, what you liked the most and the least about working with LoneStar. Your satisfaction is the greatest recognition we could receive. Reviews on Houzz, Facebook and Google are greatly appreciated as they help others who are embarking on their own remodeling journey.


Our follow-up includes a one-year labor and materials warranty with periodic calls, inquiring how you’re enjoying your new space. Should any items pop up that were missed or questions be had, we’ll address them. Our main goal is your satisfaction!


LoneStar did a wonderful job on our Master Bath/Bedroom remodel. The entire LoneStar team as well as the various tradesmen were always professional, courteous and very easy to work with. We are very pleased with the results and thankful for their design expertise and help during the whole process.