Your Ideal Kitchen

YOUR Ideal Kitchen should fit your personal needs, the style and design of the home and your budget.

Since the Kitchen has become the major hub of most homes, with family and friends gathering around the cook, a major emphasis is placed on the Kitchen.

Kitchens and Master Bathrooms are usually the most updated rooms in the house, and the focal point for buyers.  They require the most attention as well as the greatest financial and time investment.  Kitchens and Master Bathrooms also require the most expensive individual items, from plumbing fixtures to appliances and cabinets.

As with the Master Bathroom, it is important to keep the investment of your Kitchen remodel within the value of your home.  It would not be wise to invest $75,000 in a Kitchen remodel for a $150,000 house.  Minor Remodels for average-sized Kitchens could range from $5,000-7,000 for replacing countertops with granite and installing a backsplash.  Complete remodels without replacing cabinets could range from $15,000-20,000 and exceed $100,000 for large elaborate Kitchens.  Home values vary a great deal and the needs of an updated Kitchen will be determined by the location, value and selling price of the home.  The size of the room, the products chosen and the detail of the work all play a part in determining the investment a homeowner will make in updating their home.  Often, homeowners want to know if they’ll get their money out of the remodel.  Of course, the longer they stay in the home, the more they enjoy their new investment.  And minor changes can make a big impact on the resale of a home without greatly affecting the budget.  The bottom line in ROI is to discuss the value of your home with a realtor who will let you know what your home will sell for in today’s market and help you determine how much to invest in your Kitchen.

As you look over your Kitchen, determining what you want to do, keep in mind what works for you and what may need a little sprucing up or a major overhaul.  Just because the cabinets look old may not mean they need to be ripped out and replaced.  They may need some attention, like painting, changing out doors or refacing the cabinets.  When I meet with my clients and we review their Kitchen, I’ll ask what they like about the room and what really needs to be changed.  At this time, we are talking and sharing ideas and options.  Of course, an Idea Folder should be filled with pictures and ideas of how you want your ideal Kitchen to be.  Ask yourself some questions and dream about what you want.  We may or may not be able to fulfill those desires; however, it is well worth the discussion.  One of my clients desperately wanted an opening in the wall between the Kitchen and Living Room so she could see into the Living Room.  She felt isolated working in the Kitchen when the rest of the family was in the Living Room.  We cut out the opening in the wall between the two rooms and this was the best part of the remodel for her.  In every remodel, the best fit is what works for the homeowner.

YOUR Focal Point will depend on the Kitchen and what is important to you.

It may be the new furniture-style cabinets or the commercial looking vent hood or the decorative backsplash.  If we are completely renovating the Kitchen, we may be creating an entirely new look and rearranging your Kitchen.  Make a list of what you like and don’t like about the room.  If you had your ideal Kitchen, list what would you include in it.  When you visit your friends’ Kitchens, become aware of the features in the room.  At this time, it is not necessary to have all the answers.  You really want to present your wish list and lay all the items on the table.  A discussion with your family, friends or Designer will help to pull the new look together.