Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room of your home. That’s why YOUR ideal kitchen should fit your personal needs, the style and design of the home, and your budget. Since the kitchen has become the major hub of most homes, with family and friends gathering around the cook, people often place a major emphasis on their kitchen design.

Whatever your reason for remodeling, it is important to keep the investment of your kitchen remodel within the value of your home. Home values vary a great deal, and the updated kitchen will be determined by the location and value of the home. The size of the room, the scope of the project, the design and products chosen, and the detail of the work all play a part in determining the investment a homeowner will make in updating their home. Following is a Cost vs. Value Chart to help you see how a kitchen remodel can impact your home’s value.

Kitchen Remodeling Dallas Texas

Here’s a Peek at Part of Our Kitchen Remodel Process:

Your kitchen remodel begins with an initial Meeting (The Brainstorm Session).The design of your new kitchen starts with your imagination, your lifestyle, and the design of your home. Do you want simple or elegant? Are you a cook or do prefer a kitchen that offers comfort?  Do you entertain frequently, or do you value family time?

During your subsequent brainstorming sessions I’ll show you dozens of materials, pick your brain, and throw out ideas to help you discover TRULY what you want. We go to great lengths to make sure you’re happy and comfortable before we begin your kitchen remodel.

Popular Kitchen Styles

Lifestyle and design interests are also important considerations when starting your kitchen makeover:

Kitchen Activities – What activities besides preparation and eating occur in the kitchen?

  • Caring for pets, paying bills, meal planning, homework, laundry, crafts
  • Entertaining, talking on the phone, visiting with friends
  • Reading, writing, computer, TV

Entertaining – How big are the groups? Family or friends? Parties or holidays?

  • Consider seating and a floor plan to allow people to gather and feel comfortable
  • Large ovens, dual sinks and ovens, wine cooler, ice maker
  • Open counters for catering

Architectural and Design Style – How does the kitchen blend with the rest of your home?

  • Transitional, Traditional, Contemporary
  • Floors, counters, cabinets work well with the rest of the home

Work Load – Do you have large pots and pans? Do you cook a lot?

  • Consider high-arc faucet and large single bowl sink or multiple sinks
  • Pot-filler over range, multiple work stations
  • Varied counter heights and accessories
  • Plan for easily accessible storage: deep storage drawers, pull-out shelves, spice pull-outs, pantry

Cooking – Do you cook a lot or just heat up leftovers? How many cooks will be in the kitchen?

  • Allow for plenty of floor and work space
  • Two islands and two sinks create work zones
  • Consider appliances that work best with your budget and need
  • Pricey pro-style appliances are large, attractive, and offer many cooking options
  • Built-in coffee maker and insta-hot water may be well worth it to you
  • Convection and steam ovens save time and produce healthy meals

Kids and Pets – Do you have kids and pets that may be hard on the materials?

  • Consider durable materials as a user-friendly option
  • Travertine floors and exotic counters work well as an upgrade

Work Station – Do you need a place to work when in the kitchen?

  • Consider a desk with multiple outlets as a docking station for laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc
  • Flat-panel TV keeps you company and informed while in the kitchen
  • Shelving for cookbooks, file drawers, adequate work space

Display Items – Do you have decorative pottery, china, or artwork to display?

  • Consider glass doors or open shelving for displaying personal items
  • Glass-front Sub-Zero refrigerator requires a neat and clean refrigerator

Make Your Kitchen Great:

Common Kitchen Trends

Trends in kitchen design may or may not appeal to you. You may find some elements or versions of the styles to incorporate into your new kitchen. National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) discusses some forward-thinking trends:

  • Commitment to Color: The use of vibrant color in a backsplash (such as tangerine, mango, or carrot orange) paired with exotic wood cabinets create a sleek and Contemporary style.
  • Tactile Appeal through Textiles: The use of actual and implied texture with lines, colors, and patterns. This could be used in an oversized glass mosaic rug pattern set into a limestone floor or custom-made glass tiles adding a shimmer to a kitchen backsplash.
  • The Attributes of Glass: Glass tiled backsplashes with granite countertops and wood cabinets.
  • Espresso and Chocolate in Cabinetry: Various hues of chocolate and espresso cabinets in natural finishes range from traditional to contemporary. When they are paired with brighter accents, the cabinets act as an understated partner.
  • Walk-In Pantries: Newer kitchen designs may have less wall cabinets and more open areas, requiring the need for a walk-in pantry. These pantries can include sinks, food, and dish storage, serving as a transition from one room to the next.
  • Detailed Ceilings: Some of the newer designs have a rustic look with traditional features paired with contemporary materials and textures.
  • Natural Elements: Bringing in the outside with natural materials such as rock and polished stone.
  • A Tiered Approach to Proportion: The visual look of stacked components and graduated overlapping heights include elevating a bar ledge on top of a standard height counter for seating, asymmetrical cabinets, tall pantry cabinets, thickness of counter tops, and a proportionally tiered balance for a contemporary space.
  • Inlaid Flooring: There are many variations of inlaid flooring, including creative designs to accommodate the needs of the clients. For example, a wood-look ceramic tile combined with travertine.

Designing for Multiple Generations

Consider designing for multiple generations if you have parents or grandchildren living in your home. Elements of Universal Design would enhance the ability of all living and working in the kitchen, including:

  • Plenty of counter space for placing items, safety, and working
  • Accessible storage, including tall storage, rollout shelving and drawers with accessories
  • Cooking space with easy-to-see and use controls in the front of unit
  • Electric cooking for safety
  • Kitchen faucets with lever handle and easy to understand hot and cold
  • French-door refrigerator with easy access and less bending
  • Task lighting

Kitchen Tip

Of course, there are just as many options for kitchen design as there are people in the world. And at times, the choices may seem overwhelming. The key is to understand your needs and wants, and then design with that in mind. The more you do, the happier you’ll be with the end product.


I couldn't be happier with my Kitchen remodel completed by the LoneStar team. They completed the job several weeks earlier than predicted and showed the willingness and ability to get it all done well. All of their employees are professional and enjoyable to work with and have in the home. Workmanship is excellent and we are happy to enjoy and entertain in our beautiful new kitchen!