Do You Recognize the 3 Early Signs Leading To a Home Remodel?

How Long Have You Been Wanting to Remodel?

When I meet with clients and discuss their project, I ask them how long they’ve been thinking of their remodel. Some tell me that they planned to make changes when they moved into their home, maybe 5 or 10 years ago. Others will say they’ve been thinking or saving for a few years. Statistics give us a national average of 18 months between thinking and starting the inquiry.


Homeowners may remodel for different reasons. Some want to sell their home and realize that a few updates are needed in order to even put it on the market. Others see the potential in their beautiful upscale home and want the master bathroom or kitchen to fit with the rest of the décor.

If you are considering refreshing a room, such as the kitchen or gutting a bathroom, continue reading about the early signs leading up to your renovation. When I get to know my clients and ask questions about how long they plan to stay in their home or why they want to remodel, I start the planning process in order to assist them with their approach.

There are Three Main Reasons Why You May Want to Remodel:

Do You Plan to Sell Your Home within 2-3 Years?
This approach usually enhances the home in neutral colors and updated materials at a minimal cost. We install baseline products and keep the same footprint. Cabinets and walls stay intact. Usually, paint and new counter tops and flooring will update the home so it will sell easier and quicker for a marketable price. The homeowner will realize a few years of enjoyment without a large investment for the short period of time.

Do You Need to Repair a Nasty Problem?
If your bathroom has a leak or the dark grout lines in the shower, you probably have water seeping in between the shower walls and studs behind them. The ugly truth about mold and mildew is growing in your home.

These words are scary to homeowners and they realize that it is not “if” they will remodel the bathroom, but the question is “when” they will remodel. Their home will not pass an inspection report when they plan to sell and I have seen couples completely move out of their master bathroom for several years before they were ready to remodel it.

Do You Want to Update and Plan to Stay in
Your Home More than 5 Years?

This is the really fun part of remodeling for homeowners. They realize the potential of their home and want to enjoy it for years to come. They know they will obtain some amount of financial return on their investment, but the main reason for the remodel is for their own personal enjoyment. After living in your home for any length of time, it’s quite natural to get used to the way the room flows and overlook the inefficiencies. The help from a Designer will assist you in the best use of space and updated materials for your intended investment.

Grapevine Kitchen – from Dated and Cramped to Spacious and Contemporary:
This Grapevine, Texas homeowner had great dreams about the perfect kitchen. Unlike most women, she did not want an island and felt that she was running circles around her kitchen just to get from the built-in wall oven to the sink. She could envision a clean and contemporary main room in the home and planned to cook more with her teenage daughter. Sleep overs and weekend breakfasts with a house full of teenage girls sounded like a dream come true to both of the “girls”.

After meeting with the homeowner and discovering her design preferences, colors and how she wanted to work within her kitchen, we created a plan for the new room. We removed the island and better utilized the wall space with a row of upper and lower cabinets.

By relocating the refrigerator to across the room, we eliminated the close quarters by the pantry. Updated high-end appliances coordinate well with sleek contemporary cabinet lines in soft browns. Her favorite color of blue not only brings out her art and collections on open shelves, but also enhances the stainless steel appliances and mosaic glass backsplash. Take a look at the before and after pictures of this Grapevine, Texas kitchen remodel.


If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, here are some important design elements to include:
• Space- Do you have enough room to prepare food and cook? Is there sufficient counter space?
• Traffic Flow-Where is the placement of the appliances and can the doors open without bumping into someone?
• Efficiency-We may think that keeping older appliances until they die is the best solution. However, older refrigerators are not keeping food fresh and costing more in replacing spoiled food and using more electricity.
• Number of Cooks- If you have several people working in the kitchen at the same time, consider placement of prep, sink, cooking during a complete kitchen redo.

A kitchen remodel may seem overwhelming at first. There are many questions and unknowns. By bringing in an expert, you will be guided throughout the entire process, from design to materials and budget…..always with your end result in mind.

Happy Remodeling,