Are you drawn toward the relaxed and retro vibes of bohemian style? Are you also attracted to the clean and “airy” appearance of contemporary materials, and torn between the two? We have you covered! Here’s how to combine two design worlds in one very happy union.

Embrace vintage.

Try funky vintage cabinet looks through distressed wood or painted cabinetry pieces. Push the envelope a step further by combining it with an elaborate mirror equipped with retro-chic lighting.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself – with tiles. 

While subway tiles are usually chosen in transitional kitchen and bathroom spaces, they can also be used to achieve a versatile boho look. Try pairing a bright subway tile backsplash with butcher block counters in the kitchen. In the bathroom, subway tiles can be used in the shower along with a teak bench for seating.

Mix styles and periods.

You can definitely mix and match materials – it’s your space after all, so why not truly make it your own? In the bathroom you could pair a free standing tub + modern sink + vintage lighting fixture and open shelving (with plants) to equal a boho bathroom heaven.

Add art. Lots of art.

If you have a painting with bright colors or assorted vases that you plan to showcase in your kitchen or bathroom remodel, use them as inspiration. Imagine a brightly painted accent wall with your artwork on it along with the elaborate mirror and retro-chic lighting we mentioned above. Starting to picture your boho glam look now?

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