Fall Home Design - Green Cabinets in Kitchen

Fall Home Design and Trends for 2017

Fall home design and the things that inspire it are just a couples weeks away. Soon we will welcome in crisp and cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves, visiting pumpkin patches and ushering in the holiday season.  Lastly, we cannot forget the scents associated with the Fall season like apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie. These are some of the things that inspire home Designers with home design and decor.

Fall Color Inspirations 

Color forecasting draws upon many sources such as fashion runways, current events, magazines for trends, auto manufacturers, and housewares.  According to HGTV, “Color forecasters are part designer, part sociologist and part predictor.” From the information they gather, color forecasters determine the colors we’ll be wearing and decorating within the next year.

Our Designers are huge advocates of adding a pop of color to a room. Why? Color lifts your mood and is an inexpensive way to make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic.

So just what colors can we expect to see for Fall home design in 2017? All white interiors and marble are exiting stage left in favor of warmer richer shades of browns, greens, blues and blushes.  Neutrals will continue to be popular and paired up with brighter colors or simply used alone.  The use of chocolate brown is taking a back seat to lighter browns in hues like mocha and cinnamon.   

Green continues to gain strength as it is a symbol of society becoming more aware of the environment and adopting eco-friendly practices. Green is showing up in everything from fabrics to accessories to backsplashes.  Green pairs well with woods (as shown below) and leathers and pops out when accompanied with cream and brass accents.  

This green kitchen backsplash is paired with neutral toned cabinets and green cabinet hardware. 

Another color you’ll come across a lot this Fall season is Blue.  Blue evokes feelings of calmness, peace and serenity.  Experts say the color blue also represents “strength and dependability”.  Below it is used vibrantly in a kitchen backsplash. 

If you’re looking to add this color to other areas of your home, a powerful blue hue like sapphire can add a bold punch of energy to a home office, while a light sky blue on the walls can create a tranquil and relaxing space, perfect for a bathroom. Darker shades like navy can offer bit of drama, while paler shades can be used on ceilings to make small spaces feel larger.

This Fall home design color of 2017 works well in all areas of the home where you are trying to welcome relaxation.

Fall Textures 

Woven textiles such as wicker stands or basket add depth and warmth to a room—especially during the fall and winter seasons. How can you bring this fall home design trend into your home? Put plants in  wicker stands, or swap out your light fixture for a basket pendant light. To complete the look, off-set the rough texture with soft velvet or hand-knit wool throws and smooth  metal side tables, mirrors, and ceramic accents.

Fall Must-Have Accessories 

Speaking of velvet, it’s a material we’re all too familiar with as its been a go to for decades. Accessories like  velvet pillows  or a velvet throw are a great way to add warmth and finish touches to your fall home design and decor. 

If you’d like to bring these Fall home design trends into your home in other ways, give us a call and schedule your free consultation with one of our Designers. We’ll review your project and wish list and make suggestions to match your visions. 
























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