Ever feel like you’re outgrowing your home? Even if you have a smaller home, you may just need a better layout. More often today, people are much more likely to stay put than move into a bigger home for a wide variety of reasons. If you’re where you want to be location-wise, then it’s a smart idea to look into upgrading your living space rather than leaving it. Here are 3 reasons your living space needs an upgrade, plus some ideas of how it can be done.

Getting Better Use of your Square Footage

Does it feel like you just don’t have enough square feet in your home? It turns out you may actually have more than you think. It’s surprising where you can find better usage for square footage. Perhaps it’s turning a small neglected closet into a half-bath. Sometimes it’s turning an empty nook, cranny or alcove into an expansion of another room. Some homes actually do have wasted space in their floorplans. Taking advantage of these extra spaces, even a few extra square feet or so, can make a big difference in the utility of your home.

North Richland Hills Living Room Remodel

Need of an Open Concept

Ever feel like a wall is in your way? You see on all of these remodeling shows that knocking down a wall can make a big difference in your home. So it’s not surprising that you may be desiring an open floor plan. Of course, creating an open concept for your home by knocking down a wall isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If the wall that you’re considering knocking down is a load-bearing wall, meaning it’s helping to hold up your house, you’ll have to install a structural beam to replace the load that it’s currently carrying. These aren’t particularly cheap, but it may be worth the cost to open up your kitchen or living area to make your home flow better.

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Extended Family or Friends Needing a Place to Stay

In America today, homes are becoming more and more multi-generational with family members and friends moving in and out on a regular basis. It turns out that most homes can accommodate far more people than you might at first think. But many homes are designed for only four or five people to live in them at one time. If your home feels like it’s turning into a hotel, you may in fact have the square footage to make it more comfortable for everyone. This may involve building an addition or overhauling your entire home’s floor plan. It may even involve turning an under-utilized garage into a new master suite to open up another bedroom and bath. The choices are fairly numerous and only limited by what you can realistically do with your home in your budget and your unique needs.


Whatever your reasons might be for upgrading your living space, if you’re feeling cramped, you should start doing some research on what you can do about it. Be sure to check local building codes to see what’s allowed in your municipality. Then find out what some of your ideas may cost to implement. Some impact the value of your home more than others so consider the potential return on investment before undertaking any major remodel.