Knowing your style isn’t always cut and dried. Styles evolve and change over the years similar to fashions. Most homeowners contemplate a remodel for 6 to 14 months before contacting a home remodeling professional to aid with their project. At that point they have a concept in mind, but really aren’t sure how to bring material and color choices together. So, when you’re remodeling a space for the first time and tasked with envisioning your plans for a contemporary bathroom style, it’s not uncommon to wonder, “Just how do I pull off  a contemporary bathroom?”

Here are a few different elements of contemporary style for your bathroom remodel.

Liner lines. This is an element we’re all for. If you’re looking to break different material selections up and provide the illusion of a larger space, think rectilinear.

Contemporary Bathroom Style Bathroom Remodel

Authentic materials.

Less is more – but the little you do use must leave an impression. When it comes to contemporary bathroom styles, rudimentary forms and materials that have smooth surfaces and sharp edges is a good rule of thumb. An example would be the shelving below.

Contemporary Bathroom Style of a Bathroom Remodel

Lack of clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place. In contemporary bathrooms, lotions, brushes, appliances etc. all have their own space completely tucked out of the way.

Keller Bathroom Remodel Custom Stained Vanity

Simple lighting. Focus on simple task lighting, such as vanity lighting paired with a shaped lighting fixture rather than an ornate chandelier. An example can be seen in the contemporary bathroom photo under number three.

Colors. We always emphasize the importance of colors. It’s the simplest way to make the biggest impact in your space. It’s also easy to change out should you decide to try something different later down the road. Most think a contemporary bathroom leans toward cooler colors. However, color is so personal that it can be used to interact with other selections and material choices such as warm wood tones and decor.

Keller Spa Style Bathroom Remodel

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