Remodeling Myths Answered

We’re tackling the top myths associated with remodeling. 1. Remodeling is only worth it if you get your money back. ANSWER:I wish I could give you a more concrete response, but it really does depend on several factors ranging from the age of your home, the home’s value, the desired project, when you plan to sell, and how elaborate the

Create the Home That Fits YOU! Designing With YOU In Mind

  By now you have an idea folder with pictures of looks and other décor elements that will enhance your new style. It is time to pull the ideas together and coordinate all the items of importance into your home. A contractor or interior designer will assist you in transitioning your space. Check out these helpful tidbits from LSPS and

Prep for Fall to Savor the Season

The beautiful leaves and blustery winds of fall sneak up on us fast. Is your home ready for the season? While getting your house prepared for fall isn’t as intensive as prepping for winter, it is still important. We’ve collaborated with Traci Connell of Traci Connell Interiors to check the following off your list so your home stays comfortable and

Living in the Midst of a Remodel-How a Remodel Affects You

  Most homeowners dream about the end result of their remodel and see the pictures of beautiful remodels. Even the “Before and After” pictures do not portray the life of living in the midst of a remodel. We see HGTV and realize that the homeowners leave the house and come back to a completed “better than I dreamed” reality of their

Living in the Midst of a Remodel- Handy Checklist for Homeowners

  During a remodel, there’s so much to keep track of. Therefore, it helps to be prepared. I’m delighted to introduce Lynn Taylor, of Taylor Made Plans – a Residential Design firm in Nashville, TN. She is a strong proponent of educating homeowners on all the aspects of a residential project.

Remodeling and the Emotional Roller Coaster

You are ready to start beautifying your home and are excited about the design, colors, new choices, and contractor. You may even feel euphoric, especially if you’ve been planning the remodel for many months or even years. It’s good to be excited, but realize that this “high” will quickly waver as the contractor tears down before building up. Many homeowners