How to Love Your Home Again With a Remodel

“The most important aspect for remodeling your home is to have the look and feel that works best for you.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel… Relax! One of the major reasons a homeowner wants to remodel their home is to find new ways to love it again. But with this sort of commitment, there are sometimes doubts that may arise

Tips for a Successful Remodel

Remodeling Timelines

Remodel Sticker Shock

How to Have a Great First Meeting with Your Contractor

6 Kitchen Appliance Must-Knows

Do Your Research on Appliances. Before you hit the DFW appliance stores, surf the Web for all the updates and best selections for your situation. Magazines, retail stores, and the Internet offer a wealth of information, so get a head start on your appliances by comparing features the different brands offer. Most Design/Build firms can assist with this research and

5 Sensational Spring Doors

Spring has arrived! Soon, you’ll be greeting guests at the door with a friendly “come on in”. Lately, we’ve noticed that the mid-cities area is blooming with spring inspired projects. In the past few weeks Bedford, TX residents as well as others in the mid-cities area have added greenery, wreaths and patio furniture. If you are thinking of going a

Weekend Plans for You and Your VALENTINE!

The 35th Annual Spring Texas Home and Garden Show is this weekend! We’re excited, and looking forward to seeing you at the springs show! We have lots of new and innovative concepts on remodeling, design, and home improvements.

Holiday Updates for Your Home

christmas treeWe are close to Christmas and the festive holidays are upon us. For those who started their remodels with plenty of time, their houses are decorated and any remodeling or refreshing is already completed. There are a few last-minute ideas that you can squeeze in…here are a few ideas for those updates.

Welcoming friends and family into your home is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. The kitchen, living room and guest bathrooms are the main areas that guests will visit…these rooms are the first ones to consider as you update your home.

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