Exciting News – Texas Listed as “Best Buy” Housing Market

New Report Could Boost Texas Housing Market Over the past year, we have highlighted number of reports showing the Texas housing market has been growing far faster than the national average. A new report from Local Market Monitor supports these findings. This report cites data showing that Texas is the best state for residential real estate investors in 2016.

Don’t Put Off Home Repairs

“It is most important to take care of repair items as they occur, whether inside your home or on the exterior. I regularly see homes needing repair in addition to the desired updates the homeowner requests.” – Kathi Fleck There is nothing that holds up a project like unexpected repairs. Even if the repairs were known about,  it’s completely possible

5 Sensational Spring Doors

Spring has arrived! Soon, you’ll be greeting guests at the door with a friendly “come on in”. Lately, we’ve noticed that the mid-cities area is blooming with spring inspired projects. In the past few weeks Bedford, TX residents as well as others in the mid-cities area have added greenery, wreaths and patio furniture. If you are thinking of going a

Garage Organization Must-Knows!

As fall approaches, we want to feature a project most of us avoid….the ever daunting garage! September 6th was “National Clean Out Your Garage Day”. Didn’t get the notice or google alert? No sweat (pun intended)… we’ve collaborated with interior designer, Traci Connell of Traci Connell Interiors to give you the must-knows on garage organization. After you read Traci’s information

Interior Home Maintenance

Winterize Your Home

Home Maintenance is Essential