Universal Design in Your Bathroom Like You Never Imagined

“While I am discussing bathroom design options with my clients, I always bring up safety and suggest the installation of Universal Design features. Most look at me in disbelief as the old adage of grab bars for the elderly come to their mind. Universal Design is much more than this – most homeowners are pleasantly surprised once we begin exploring

3 Reasons Homeowners Remodel Their Kitchens and Bathrooms

“A remodel will update your home, make it more comfortable, improve energy efficiency, repair problems, help with maintenance, and increase the value of your home.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel… Relax! When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, there are 3 major financial reasons to do so. One is increasing the value of your home. Another is to

Gray in the Bathroom – A Guide on Design

We’re seeing this color pop up all too often during client consultations. Gray has been a popular neutral for quite a while now, and it doesn’t appear to be falling out of favor anytime soon. Even so, one concern we’ve heard from homeowners is that they’re afraid it will feel too cold and institutional. When used properly, a gray color scheme

Delays are a Part of Remodeling

Don’t let project delays get you down! Many of them aren’t ever going to be your fault or at the fault of the contractor, either. Just be prepared for them. Here are 7 potential delays that are out of a homeowner’s control.

Determine Your Bathroom Remodel Layout

The best bathroom remodels start with a thoughtful floorplan. Consider these important tips when designing your new bathroom layout. Because a bathroom layout is jam-packed with required elements, some homeowners may find it difficult to add an item or two from their “wish list”. But with a little creative space planning, DFW homeowners can not only fit in requirements, they can

Steamy Bathroom Designs for You and Your Valentine to Consider.

Considerations for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

The meaning of “pulling it all together” is different for everyone. When remodeling an entire home, it may mean adding pillows and window treatments to the living room and an area rug over the new wood floors to tie the room together. I often see new pictures and floral arrangements throughout the home, and new bedding in the master bedroom.

The Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer

  Approximately 95% of my clients ask that I provide design assistance to their jobs. With this said, it is extremely helpful to work with an Interior Designer throughout your remodeling process. They have experience with trends and products that work well in almost all situations. They also work with other design experts in specific fields, such as tile, lighting,