Kitchen cabinets are one of the first things that catch our eye. They have the ability to transform a room by way of functionality and aesthetics. With so many varieties, cabinet lines and door styles it can be hard to know where to start and how much  your new kitchen cabinets will cost. This is why many homeowners benefit from having a home remodeling professional guide them through the process. During your initial consultations, it’s important that the following areas be addressed before you choose your kitchen cabinets: 

  • A brainstorming session has occurred. You’ve shared your wants, likes and needs with your home remodeling professional.

Often times homeowners have a concept of what they would like, but do not not have specifics in place. Knowing exactly what you want, even down to the cabinet door finish will allow your home remodeling professional to properly price your kitchen cabinets and project. If you’re not sure of that yet, your home remodeling professional should be able to walk you through that decision making process – recommending cabinet lines, door finishes and embellishments to fit your budget.

  • Measurements and pictures are taken of the space to ensure accuracy moving forward.

This step is important as the measurements taken will be referenced by your home remodeling professional moving forward. With this information, they can recommend cabinet lines as well as plan for any requests such as pull-out kitchen cabinets.

  • A detailed proposal is prepared by the home remodeling professional. For large Design/Build remodels, you will have several meetings and showroom visits before determining the final pricing and review of the proposal.

Once you have decided on the final project, your home remodeling professional will present you with a formal contract, and collect the initial deposit to start your project. For the “facelift” projects, you’ll make the final selections of materials at this time. Reviewing the next steps is just as important. If you’re not sure what happens after that, let your home remodeling professional know of any questions you may have. For example, just before the construction begins, we’ll hold a Pre-Construction Meeting so we can review the construction and timeline process with clients and be made aware of any special requirements they may have during the construction process. We plan accordingly to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Now that we’ve cleared up a few of the preliminaries, you may be wondering what options you have? Check out our kitchen cabinet gallery for ideas. If you have questions, shoot us an email and one of our Designers will reach out with design details.