Parkview Court – A Spacious Kitchen Layout in Colleyville, TX

This upscale Colleyville home had a very outdated kitchen with dull colors the owners did not like. They wanted a warm “look” and “feel” to their kitchen, coordinating with the rest of their traditional home. There was an open concept to the kitchen and family room. However, a closed in back entry acted like a mud room. The room was not used and just stored items which were visible through the glass doors. This back room was more of an eye sore than a usable and appealing part of the most used section of the home. Lighting was poor, although there was an adequate number of recessed lights.

When we first viewed the kitchen, the owners planned on replacing the counters and were hesitant about the floor as there appeared to be brick pavers under the tile. After several meetings, we decided to update the floors and remove the glass doors and windows separating the kitchen and family room from the back room.

Although we kept the cabinets, we replaced the electric cooktop with a new induction cooktop. The rest of the built-in and black appliances remain. Cabinets were repaired and painted in a soft warm ivory with dark glaze. New cabinet hardware dresses up the cabinets and protects them from scratches and oily smudges from fingers. Revelation, a warm mid-level granite, was installed with bronze and cream coloring and lots of movement for visual interest. Natural stone tiles in 4 x 8” add a subtle touch to the backsplash, enhancing the granite counters.

We changed out the poor lighting by replacing the recessed light bulbs with a larger size and reflective baffles instead of the previous black ones. Adding two pendants over the sink provide a bit of sparkle and glam for the owner as well as task lighting over the sink. A new single-basin granite composite sink coordinates with the granite counters and a goose-neck faucet makes it easy to clean up.

The popular wood-look floor tiles in a rust colored brown, extend from the kitchen into the opened room adjoining the kitchen. The kitchen seems larger with the extension into the back room and it totally opens up the entire section of the home. The TV can be viewed from the extended section and additional eating or seating is possible. During a celebration party, the room was set up as a buffet for food and drink, so the guests could mingle and visit without being crowded in the kitchen.

This 1990s kitchen was updated with an extreme make-over without gutting the kitchen. A new look was accomplished with a face-lift, new colors to cabinets and walls and opening up an unused section near the kitchen.