Remodeling Projects: Sticker Shock & Timelines

When homeowners come to us they have a concept in mind. They’ve researched ideas from popular sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Yet, when it comes to an investment for their project, most just come up with a number they’d like to stay under. It’s important to base your remodeling project investment on a realistic, set-aside number. For example, homes in Colleyville, Texas and surrounding communities tend to be from the 1980’s or 1990’s. The majority of kitchens in the Colleyville area boast an outdated appearance with design elements that have since been retired. Most owners want their new Colleyville kitchen remodel to be a complete kitchen update with a fresh look, encompassing new cabinets, shelves, countertops, and appliances. Most outdated bathrooms in the area feature a large corner tub and small shower area. We’ve noticed most owners want their Colleyville bathroom remodel to feature a larger spa-like shower with contemporary elements. Whatever your remodeling needs, knowing what certain designs, materials and products run will help you avoid sticker shock and have a realistic idea of kitchen and bathroom remodel timelines.

Design vs. Ideas

During the remodeling process, it can be all too easy to have more ideas than can fit into a realistic kitchen or bathroom design. One thing that happens often is that once the design is underway, homeowners decide to make changes to their visions and ideas. These changes are normal and okay. However, they can often add extra costs. Browse building material retailers to get a more realistic idea of what your desired look might cost. Below are popular kitchen and bathroom showrooms near the Colleyville area:

Arizona Tile

Passion Lighting


Not sure how to go about the selections process? Read on our Design/Build services here.

Does it Fit Your Investment?

That dream bathroom remodel with a custom vanity or that kitchen remodel with an oversized island may be more expensive than many homeowners realize. For that reason, some ideas won’t work inside of a given remodeling investment. Grandeur visions can quickly add up to more than you are willing or able to pay. While a remodel should definitely be something you’re happy with, certain selections may need to be refined to fit with your investment.

A professional can help you make smarter choices in building materials. Adjustments don’t necessarily mean you won’t end up with something you love. It’s possible to vary the materials used and still end up with something great! At LoneStar, we help you formulate a kitchen design or bathroom makeover with aesthetics and functionality in mind. We’ll help you achieve a design that’s comparable to the original design ideas that may be out of your investment or comfort zone.

Project types: Facelifts vs. Gut Jobs

When we speak to owners wanting a kitchen or bathroom remodel, their visions usually fall into two categories – facelift or gut job. With a facelift project, the owner usually wants to keep the same floor plan and update existing kitchen and bathroom design elements such as countertops, plumbing hardware, flooring, tile, backsplash, new paint and lighting. Following is an example of facelift kitchen remodeling project in Colleyville:

Before photo of Colleyville kitchen remodel


After photo of Colleyville kitchen remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel? Not sure what it’s going to take? Join us for Kitchens: Facelift or Gut Job at the Colleyville Senior Center.

With a gut-job project, walls may be wall removed, electrical and plumbing may be relocated, and the entire footprint of the kitchen or bathroom remodel may be reworked. For kitchen remodeling projects, high-end appliances may be inserted. For bathroom remodeling projects, a spa-like shower may take the place of an unused tub. Following is an example of gut-job bathroom remodel near Colleyville:

Before – corner shower & tub combo

Before – outdated corner vanity

After – enlarged spa-like shower with multiple shower heads, teak set and towel warmer.

After – vanity with custom cabinetry.

A Remodel Comes with Emotions 

At times, items are out of stock. Schedules are delayed by sub-contractors, and weather delays jobs. This increases the emotional swing and stress level of one or both homeowners. It’s important to remember that this is a normal feeling almost everyone experiences, regardless of the project size. A remodel affects you in more ways than just changing your physical surroundings. The emotional toll of a remodel can be intense. The more aware you are of the emotional factors before the remodel starts, the happier you’ll be during the entire process.

Last, but certainly not least…Remodeling Timelines

Delays will happen. There are so many causes of them that it’s probably impossible to account for all that could occur. While contractors will do their best to meet an end date, it’s not always realistically possible. Some delays are minor and others are more costly and time-consuming. When unforeseen events occur, your contractor should do his or her best to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. At times it may take longer than desired to be sure that the work done is done in the best way possible.

Flexibility is key when creating a project timeline with your contractor, it can help to leave some wiggle room in the completion deadline. Also, if possible, leave some wiggle room in your investment. That way, if things don’t go as planned, you’ll be prepared. If you’re unable to do that, try to be as flexible as possible. In turn, your contractor should be able to do the same. It’s standard to set a start and end date. However, don’t forget that those dates and costs are simply an estimate and may have to change some as the project comes to fruition. Sometimes, they actually change for the better, in quality and style, or in the time it takes to finish.