What do Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Projects Cost?

Reality TV shows are a great source of inspiration. They leave you with tons of ideas for materials, products and appliances. However, they don’t shed a realistic light on what a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project will cost. It’s okay to enter the remodeling process with just a concept of the type of bathroom remodel or kitchen makeover you’d like. Working with a kitchen and bathroom remodeling professional will help you iron out the details  — and give you an idea of how your wish list will effect your kitchen or bathroom remodel investment.

To start, it’s important to know the different kinds of remodeling professionals and what they offer. Here’s a breakdown:

Handyman: Prices a project based off  labor and base-line (big box store) product and material costs. No design assistance is offered. The homeowner is left to coordinate the different aspects of their kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Contractor: Coordinates all sub-contractors. No design assistance is offered. Prices the project based off labor, materials and products the homeowner chose and a set-price.

Design/Build: A Design/Build firm will price a project based on the scope of work, products, materials and selections, design specification and construction.

Now that you know how each professional prices a project, let’s go over what each type of project may run. Keep in mind that some projects are facelifts and some are gut jobs. We’re a Design/Build firm, so we’ve included the design assistance we provide with each project type. We’ve listed each type below as well as what’s been done to it.

What does a facelift project include? The project is less complex and allows for a quicker turnaround. Items in a facelift varies from project to project. The floorplan stays the same. Homeowners may want to change out cabinet doors and drawer fronts, update appliances and add new flooring. Others may want wallpaper removed and the walls textured and painted.

What design assistance comes with a facelift project? Every professional is different. We work with clients for all their needs in a facelift including material and product selections assistance. Construction for a facelift project will usually take a few weeks.

Facelift projects may start around $25,000, depending on the kitchen size, selections chosen and scope of work. Investment is reviewed with our clients prior to starting the Design/ Pre-Build process, in order to accommodate their requests within an intended Budget.

Facelift – Kitchen Remodel 


facelift kitchen remodel with white cabinetry


What was done to this kitchen remodel? This was a partial kitchen remodel in which we relocated the island, added a new cooktop and flooring, painted the cabinets, removed the pre-existing wallpaper, textured and painted the walls, and added quartz countertops with a decorative backsplash.

What does a gut job project include? Some homeowners may want to remove a wall and open up the space to allow for more cabinetry or an island. This calls for a new footprint and layout that may require re-configuring electrical and plumbing. With a gut-job, new cabinetry with storage solutions and stain preferences may be designed and constructed. Appliances are usually upgraded along with electrical and plumbing fixtures. Lighting types (task, ambient, etc.) and fixtures are installed and new countertops, backsplash, flooring and paint are all part of the new design.

What design assistance comes with a gut job project? The design process for a gut job is extensive compared to a facelift as different styles, materials and products are paired together to create the homeowners vision. A design layout and sketches are created for the owners review. Special ordered products (cabinets, backsplash, countertops) are placed and take time to arrive. Appliance packages are reviewed with the homeowner and the construction process takes longer as electrical and plumbing are moved and more detail is put into the project.

So, what does a gut job project cost? It’s difficult to give a figure for a gut-job kitchen remodel. There are many factors that come into play such as the kitchen size, selections chosen and scope of work. We work with a client’s requests, review their wish-list selections, appliances and materials and provide a picture of how the costs associated to them fit into their investment amount. If needed, we alter selections as we work through the process in order to stay within an investment amount that is comfortable to them.

Gut Job – Kitchen Remodel 


kitchen remodel with morrocan backsplash


What was done to this kitchen remodel? We gutted the kitchen and removed the wall near the refrigerator (first picture) to open up the space into the living room. Mid-range appliances from Bosch were used along with specialty butcher block counters and Moroccan backsplash. We also added new cabinetry and shelving, painted the walls and added new flooring.

Now, let’s go over bathrooms. Again, we’ve broken down the difference between a facelift and a gut job, so you can easily reference what’s involved with each as you scroll.

What does a facelift bathroom remodel include? Updated cabinets, countertops, backsplash, flooring, and lighting. The project is less complex and allows for a quicker turnaround.

Facelift – Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel before


Bathroom remodel with updates


What was done to this bathroom remodel? This was a partial bathroom remodel. It is more involved than the ordinary facelift as the cabinetry with custom storage solutions was requested by the owners. The footprint of everything else remained the same and we updated the following: plumbing fixtures, countertops, shower tile, tub-area, paint, flooring, lighting and mirrors.

Bathroom remodel pricing has more to it. There’s a lot more to consider and so, it’s best to speak to a remodeling professional about your wants and needs. From there, you’ll be provided with a good idea of what your ideal facelift project will run.

What does a gut job bathroom remodel include? Includes wall removal (maybe), relocation of electrical and plumbing, reworking the entire footprint of the bathroom, or simply coordinating the complex sequence of events a major bathroom remodel requires.

Gut Job – Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom remodel with major updates


What was done to this bathroom remodel? A lot of effort was put into custom cabinetry with storage solutions as the pre-existing bathroom had little of both. The shower space was enlarged and features updated tile. The shower skirt flows into the shower, providing seating for shaving. Natural stone and marble are used throughout the bathroom design. Custom lighting fixtures and mirrors were also added. Lastly, new paint was added throughout.

Your bathroom gut job has a lot of moving parts to it. A remodeling professional needs details from you and a consultation in order to provide a realistic figure.

Remember, regardless of whether a project is a facelift or a gut-job, the amount you invest into it depends on the products, materials, cabinetry and appliances (for kitchen remodels) you choose. The investment amount associated with your project could vary depending on how little, or how much detail you want to put into your kitchen and bathroom remodel. Consult with a professional for specifics on how your wish list will determine pricing for your remodel.

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