What LoneStar offers over other Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Companies

We’ve been a member of NARI for over seven years and have striven to provide homeowners with the exceptional quality and customer service expected out of a kitchen and bathroom remodeling professional. Since 2007, LoneStar’s founders Kathi and Donald Fleck have perused industry certifications and honors. Kathi uses her knowledge and background of design along with her certifications in Universal

Before and After: Dramatic Kitchen Transformations

Many homeowners want to change their kitchen, whether it’s because it functions poorly, their taste has evolved or they purchased a home marked by someone else’s style. In fact, “can no longer stand the old kitchen” is the top reason homeowners choose to remodel kitchens, according to Houzz research. If you’re experiencing kitchen fatigue and are looking for inspiration, take

Universal Design in Your Bathroom Like You Never Imagined

“While I am discussing bathroom design options with my clients, I always bring up safety and suggest the installation of Universal Design features. Most look at me in disbelief as the old adage of grab bars for the elderly come to their mind. Universal Design is much more than this – most homeowners are pleasantly surprised once we begin exploring

6 Universal Design Elements to Consider When Replacing Your Windows and Doors

“As you remodel your home, you may want to keep safety and accessibility in mind, especially if someone living in the home is older or disabled. As people age, eyesight and hearing diminishes, and small changes can make all the difference in staying in the home for a more independent lifestyle.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel… Relax!

Aging in Place – What Can I Do to Make My Life Easier?